Friday, January 10, 2014

Funny Image Searches

Did you know that if you search on Google images, you can upload a picture and find ones that are visually similar? I didn't either until I was randomly reading another blog and they did it. It's kind of humorous and I really kinda hope I don't look like some of these images in real life..... here go!

Picture of myself I uploaded

And here are some the images that Google thought best matched this picture visually (all images are from Google images)....

Hmm I am similar to a man wearing makeup?

Oh and punk rocker who I assume is a girl but could go either way

And....I've aged.

Hey I got a celeb! Granted its a dude....

I got one pretty girl! Score!

Ooo two for one! I could either be a bald dude with a nose ring or pink tattooed/pierced pink haired girl. Oh yes.

Who...magically changed ethnicity and joined an Asian soap opera.

Who has now gone back to being the correct ethnicity but has changed genders and aged...

A painting? I look like a painting of a lady with flowers on her head. Awesome.

Fangs. My teeth aren't THAT bad.

Changing genders again. Rock on.

Another pretty girl....with a golden grill. That's still good right?

And now we're back to paintings, only less flattering wrong gender old paintings.

A monk! I got a monk. Is it a sign I'll never get married again? Maybe. Me in 80 years.
Google must have known my feelings as I scrolled through the random pictures of "visually similar" folks. 

And there you have it. A few of the funnier images that look "visually similar" to me. I kinda hope that Google is feeling a little under the weather with a few of those, otherwise I'm going to start worrying I look like a middle aged man.... just saying :) Happy Friday and have a good weekend!

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  1. I think you are prettier than all of those pictures and see no resemblance.