Wednesday, August 5, 2009

SLC and Back in ONE DAY!!

Today we went up north for Tyler's doctor appointment with Dr. Morales. It was a VERY long day but it had it's upsides. We left at about 6:45 this morning....ugh sooo early! Me and Ty slept most of the trip that made it go by quick. I can't believe all the construction up there! It was crazy! So we got the doctor appointment out of the way and all the scheduling for surgery out of the way, and were up in the dental clinic scheduling the surgery to take out his prothesis, and what happens? They call a code blue (a code meaning someone has stopped breathing) in that very clinic! Ty was amazed at all the people who ran past us, from nurses to docs to security to office thing I know, if something does happen to Ty, he will get speedy help! They are good up there! Then after that we went to eat at Chuckarama and right out the window, the Trax rolls by. Ty wanted to ride on it soo bad! And my mom told me my dad had been wanting to ride it for a long time, so we parked and hopped on. We rode from Trolley stop clear to Central Station and back. It was kinda fun! It was late though, so we had to get headed home. On the way home, it was soo windy that we passed a semi that had just got blown over! It was crazy! And then...we went back to sleep haha! It was a very long day and lots of driving but really good. Oh and as for update...Tyler will be having the same day surgery to have his prothesis popped out on Sept 14, then his actual surgery is on Oct 6.

Dad was soo funny...had the big ol' map pulled out lookin just like a tourist :P
Bored on the way up...after I had woken up.

Ty got his own ticket...and was SOOO excited!!

Dad washing the Blazer with Nate and Ry..doesn't really have to do with the trip but I thought it was cute :P

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