Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Baby is Growin Up!

Tonight was Nate's kindergarten graduation, and it was soo cute! The teachers did a wonderful job putting it all together. Mrs. Ekker and Mrs. Woods classes started at the back of the room, and they walked up to the front of the room, to the stage, dancing to the song "Celebrations." Then they got up there and did quite a few musical numbers and said their little poems and whatnot. Nate said his favorite song was the one about ice cream, and I agree, it was super cute. All of the songs were a good pick though. Nate is such a goofball, he was behaving, but you could tell he was tryin to get a smile outta someone, whoever it may be. It was really funny to watch. Man my little guy is growing up! It's unbelieveable but true. I love him soo much, and hope all my kids know I love them with all my heart and soul. It really was a good way to round out the night.

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