Friday, September 11, 2009

Been Awhile...

Sorry it's been so long since my last has been busy! Nate started 1st grade, I started up my school job plus Convergys, not to mention soccer for Nate which he is doing really good with so far! internet connection. Yeah. No bueno! But hopefully soon I'll get it back! So anyway life is good...just very busy and tiring.
I'm also doing better this month than I thought. The 29th was supposed to be my due date...and I thought I'd be bummed out all this month but its really not bad. The realization comes and goes that I would've had a lil boy right about now, but I'm ok, the boys are ok, and we are just trudging on. We'll see when the actual date comes...but so far so good.
One last side note...Tyler goes for his surgery to get the prosthesis out on Monday so say a lil prayer for him. This one is very minor but when being put fully under, its always kinda scary. So I think thats it for now! Thanks for the love and support from everyone! I love ya all! <3

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