Friday, September 18, 2009

The Last 2 months or so.....

So I finally have internet access...woohoo!! So I'm posting a bunch of pictures from what we've been doin the last two months. When my phone gets turned back on....yes UGH! I will be posting pics from our trip to Salt Lake with Tyler, but for goes!! The last 2 months in pictures form! :)

My cute lil Ry waking up from his nap at Grandpa Cowleys house durin the reunion :)

This is my new hair color...or colors lol I need to get it re-done though its growing out :P

This is Nates soccer team....he loves

This is Nate throwing the ball in at one of his games...he does awesome when he tries to.

And the infamous first day of 1st grade picture...Nate goobering it up as always...yeah lol

These are the cute lil kitties that were chillin in my parents backyard..RIP fluffy, vince, and possibly tiger who have passed on to kitty heaven.

This is the family at our recent family was tons of fun!

So thats it for now...but I'll post some more soon when I can transfer from my phone to internet. Woooohooooo! :)

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