Monday, September 21, 2009

The SLC Trip

Finally posting a couple pics from our Salt Lake trip. Tyler had his first procedure to pop the prosthesis out of the roof of his mouth...step one to the big surgery coming up next month. We had to wake up super 3:30 make it in time for the appointment. I ended up getting always in big cities haha...but we did make it on time. Barely. He was soo brave. They let us go in the room with him to be able to hold his hand while they put him to sleep and the doctor was soo nice, he drew smiley faces on the oxygen balloon as Ty was going out. The procedure itself was very quick, it didn't take long at all. Me and Dan waited in the waiting room for like, 10 min and it was over and I was able to go in to the post op room while he woke up. He was a tad woozy at first but soon enough he was his own little playful self. We then went home..and got stuck in the craziest rainstorm. Ahead we saw where it broke, right in the middle...and was clear to the road. It was like the rain was parted just for us to go through...for a lil bit. But then it hit us hard and I was hydroplaining all over the place. But...we made it home in one piece. The hospital let Ty keep his oxygen mask, his socks, and a pillow from his stay, and he loved it! So it was a good trip...and he keeps asking when he gets to go up there again! Thats probably a good thing haha instead of him being scared. trip is in a couple weeks on October 6. Wish us luck!

Ty being so brave after he woke up...he was so happy to have poppy blankey :)

The cool can see where its raining on either side of the road but a clearing in the middle. So cool!

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