Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tylers Big Surgery

Tyler had his surgery on Tuesday, and oh boy what a trip it was. We went up on Monday night, fully expecting to have to be at the hospital early, so we stayed in a hotel. A rather creepy one at that but that's a totally different story all together. The next morning we found out surgery was going to be delayed, so we figured it wasn't going to be that bad. We got there about 11:15 am, and registered and checked out....and waited...until a little after 3:00 pm! I felt so bad for Tyler, but he was a real trooper.
The surgery took about 2 hours, and when I went in to see him, he was having such a rough time. Everything hurt and he was confused and crying, and blood was coming out of his nose and mouth. He also couldn't breath well or talk at all due to the breathing tubes. I felt soo bad for him, it was really hard. But we got him calmed down and back asleep and he ended up sleeping for quite awhile after we wheeled him back up in his room. When he woke up he was alot better, we watched TV and movies for a while before bedtime.
The next day we got really bored, so we decided to go roam the halls. The nurses gave us a wheelchair that was just his size and he had a ball in it. We also went to their playroom where we were able to get a prize for bingo day....even though we didn't play. He was very excited. After we got back we got discharged and left, eating some food then stopping in Cabelas for a bit. Ty rode with Dan to Parowan and I picked him up there and then we came home. It was an eventuful trip thats for sure....long and very rough. But we are happy to be home.
Thanks to everyone whos been wishing us well and sending out love and prayers, it was much appreciated!
p.s. Im downloading pics seperate just cause its easier :)

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