Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Newest Members of Our Family

Meet......Nemo. And two fishes with undecided names. Nate is still thinking what he wants to name his and Ry isn't so much getting the concept of naming a fish. So far his is named Pishie. So....might stay Pishie. Anyway, Nate has been really really wanting fish lately so I finally gave in and got some. Of course they didn't have any goldfish so I had to spend as much on 3 fish as I could have on 12 goldfish but oh well. We will see how long they survive. The boys are really excited to take care of them though. For now. Nate even work up early this morning and fed them. Then I had to catch most the food since he piled in a ton. And got it all over the counter. And the floor. But hey at least he's trying. So anyway, Thats are our exciting news today....we got PISHIES! :P

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