Monday, April 5, 2010

Its A New Day

This weekend was a bit rough for me. The boys were gone with their dad, and Ry was covered in a rash and miserable. So because of that we didn't plan anything for Easter. And I got to much as I really don't like Danny right now I kinda miss the fun Easter trips we went on with his family. Nate and Tyler told me all about it and it makes me a little sad. I guess I'm going to have to start my own Easter tradition.
Then someone I trusted and cared about very much let me down in a big way. It was heartbreaking. Its a long story...and I'll tell it someday when I'm ready. But the aftershock of it is still kind of wearing me down. is a new day. I've decided that I need to re-dedicate myself to my job and my family and that will be my focus now. I have lost sight of those things important to me I think, so its going to change now. So...I hope everyone has a great week and hopefully I will have something good to report soon. Much love you ya'll.

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