Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Now that I'm calmed down and feeling better, I've posted pics of my Denver trip :) I had a blast while I was there and am kind of sad to be home again, even though I missed the kiddos. We stayed at The Grand Hyatt, which was a pretty classy place, except that water was 4.50 a bottle and internet was 10.00/day. That part was bad. Oh and their cable had like 20 ESPN channels and 15 news channels, but hardly anything else. I didn't watch much TV anyway so its all good. Our trainings were rather boring but hanging out and networking after was a blast. We went out every night I was there. I gotta say, it was nice having the freedom to do so. We also went out as a kind of half training group to Maggianos and ate family style. It was super spendy, but soooo tasty and we were stuffed by the time dessert got there. Most the pics below are from that. The pic on the bottom is at the wing joint we went to one night. If anyones on my facebook....this is the venue and the night of the homeless guy ordeal. Ugh haha. Anyway, I loved the trip and I love the new friends that I've met while there. Hats off to all of them and I hope the next training is just as fun!
Because everytime I try to write below the pics it messes up my format...on to last night. The boys wanted to play at the park after dinner so we ran over there and not 10 minutes after we were playing, some people came around with trashbags and were cleaning up. The boys immediately stopped playing and ran home to grab trashbags to help. It was a proud momma moment for sure. We got to know some of our neighbors and they even invited us over for treats afterwards. I am proud of my boys and the good helpers they've grown up to be!

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