Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Monumental Landmark!!

We have officially hit a monumental landmark for the Stubbs Family! As a background to the situation, Ryder absolutely HATES baths. He has never liked them at all since day one. Our bathtime routine usually goes like this:
-Boys get undressed and run around naked for about 15 minutes while I prey the clothes off of a screaming Ryder, cause he knows its bathtime and he hates it
-Boys get into the tub and start playing...if Ryder had the strength he would probably cling to the doorjam to avoid the tub. He comes close
-Boys play some more.....I finally get Ry in the tub and he screams as if the world was ending and refuses to sit down.
-Boys play some more.....I was a now freezing Ry as quick as I can so he doesn't get sick
-Boys play some more.....I do the most evil thing a mom could EVER do to a child, wash Ryders hair. Screaming gets worse but is kind of muffled by him putting his hands over his face to avoid water in the face.
-Boys play some more.....Ry practically leaps out of the tub cause he knows that he's done being washed and wants now.
-Boys play some more.....Ry cuddles up in a towel and stops crying as if nothing ever happened
-I finally wash the boys' hair and make sure they wash themselves properly and Ry....well he sits content on the toilet or finds the froggy toys to play with and waits patiently till I am done.

Yeah. Its a pain. BUT.....

Last night he happily got undressed, happily waited till the water warmed up (Ty had turned the water on for me, it was freeeezing!) and got into the tub. Played with his duckies, helped wash his body, rubbed the shampoo in his hair (and tried to drink it, it smells yummy) and was content to sit there IN THE TUB and play while I got the other two taken care of. HOORAHHH!

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