Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Side Note...

Totally forgot to mention....I am OFFICIALLY moved out of the horrid old apartment. I can't say I did it though. I knew my friend Robert needed some extra money (he was one of the Convergys death toll people who got laid off, only he hasn't found another job yet) so I asked if he would like to. He did an AMAZING job. If anyone ever needs a handyman, or someone to clean up a bit, or just odd jobs...I'll give you his number. He exceeded my expectations by far. He also pointed out that the place was a dump and needed to be condemned in a serious way. But I already knew that part. Anyway...thanks to Robert, I am officially done with the dump woohoo! Last thing I gotta do at my new figure out which mailbox is mine. Hmmmm. They never told me. Hahaha! I'm having my key changed so I know on Friday I can finally check my 15 days worth of mail piled up. I bet my mailman LOVES me right now hah!

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