Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gingerbread Houses

So we attempted to build gingerbread houses last night. Yeah...kinda got off to a rocky start as you can see. Not so good haha! We got them all put together and then BAM! They all fal apart. This is why I despise making gingerbread houses, mine are always an epic fail. But...

We finally got them put together...granted they were leaning. But its ok. Until Tyler's fell again. Yet another epic fail. But....

We finally got it right with this one. It stayed! Woohoo! So we tore down Tyler's and rebuilt it like Nate's. It stayed!

Then it was time for the fun part. We started decorationg. Tyler was making his look like Christmas lights were on the roof. He thought it was hilarious.
Nate went for the more elegant path of putting sprinkles everywhere. EVERYWHERE! The table was sooo messy!
Tyler's gingerbread house. He's very proud of it. He loved the wreath, even though it slid halfway down the house.
Nates gingerbread house. A little less colorful but he thought it was funny to build a sprinkle mountain in his front yard. I thought it was cute.
So lesson learned, even though I really don't like making a huge mess to clean up, and it was a really hard thing to actually get these standing (I'm never going to go into the architecture field of work obviously) we had a really good time and I'm happy we were able to complete these houses. Merry Christmas everyone!

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