Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Upcoming Events I <3!

I love Christmas. There are so many things to do, and I'm super excited for upcoming events. First one is tomorrow, the Relief Society Christmas Party. I can't wait for the yummy food and good speakers. Only downfall, I've been asked to sing. I get a huge, enormous, massive case of stage fright when I have to sing in front of people, so I'm sure its going to suck rocks. But hopefully the feeling will still be there. Also, The Messiah concerts are coming up on Sunday and Monday night. I absolutely LOVE singing The Messiah. Last year was my first year and it was soo powerful and amazing. I highly suggest anyone who can to come see it. We are a huge choir singing with the Southern Utah Orchestra. And bonus...Its FREE!
Next up in the running, Nate really badly wants to have a friend party this year, which I think would be fun, except I don't know when to have it. I wanted to do it the 19th, but they will be with their dad. Nate wants it to be the 21st, but thats close enough to Christmas that people might already by traveling. So I'm not sure what we are going to do, but we will figure it out.
Oh yeah, the light parade is on the 12th too. I love the light parade, and am kind of sad Nate and Ty won't be going with me since it's a Saturday, but am excited to take Ryder.
I am really, really (!) looking forward to Christmas Eve dinner at Scott and Betsy's house. Its a tradition we started a while ago, and something that we now look forward to every year. And I get the boys this year! So even better.
Then of course Christmas Day. The boys are so sweet. They told me the other day that it's ok it we don't have a big Christmas, they just want one or two presents. Why? Cause they will have three Christmas's; one with me, one with Parowan family and one at Grandma Carlile's. Yeah.... I love my kids (and im rolling my eyes). But all the same, they are still sweet for saying I'm ok to get them a little less this year.
Anyway, that about covers it for my fun happenings. I'm sure I'll post after them with how awesome they were and hopefully even pictures too. Have a good Christmas Season everyone!

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  1. Oh! We should go to the light parade together!! That would be so much fun!!