Friday, July 9, 2010

Phew What a Week!

This last week or so has been very busy. Fun...but busy. It kicked off on Saturday with hiking. Matthew and his "family" (the family he is staying with at the moment) invited me to breakfast and hiking. I normally don't do a whole lot on weekends, just because they are my designated clean/laundry days since I only have one monster around instead of three. But we gave in and went. We had a super yummy breakfast of french toast on homemade wheat bread and creme brulee. Then we all pitched in and made sandwiches for the hike. We went up to Kolob Canyon to check out a trail there, and when we got there I noticed the sign said it was a 5 mile round trip hike. Now this trail was the farthest thing from a stroller friendly trail, so we went as far as we could and had to turn around about a mile into it. Ry was getting tired. But...we did stop and play in the stream. There were skeets and tadpoles hanging out and Ry decided he LOVES tadpoles. Or apples as he likes to call them. And of course the rest of the family went ahead and hiked on...with the sandwiches, so we ended up going to Zions and eating there at the pizza place in Springville. It was good...except that previous to going iin Ry had puked all over. So we didn't stay long. Matthew had never been to Zions but it was busy, so we opted just to drive through the tunnel and head home. I could have sworn that tunnel came out near Kolob Canyon but boy was I wrong. I added like, 2 hours to our drive cause I thought I was a big smarty pants ha! And the whole ride home Ryder was sleeping, then puking, then sleeping again. Poor kid, we'd worked him too hard then rode in a toasty car. It was alot of fun though.
Sunday was a rest day. We didn't do a whole lot of anything because me and Ry were sooo worn out from the previous day but Monday was a blast. We woke up early and got ready for the parade. Betsy had worked it out with the officers to let us in on the street next to the police station right after they closed it off. And of course the parade was great. I found out Ryder LOVES firetrucks and we are going to have to take a visit to his uncle at the fire station soon. Then we headed to the park for lunch. This was also fun...we had Scott and Betsy and her family/friends, Valena and her family, and our family. The kids played in the water and had a big water fight. Ry didn't quite know what to do but ended up squirting himself several times instead of anyone else! It was great! :)
After the park, we went home and rested for awhile until Nate and Ty got home then went to our friends Tyler and Mandes house for dinner. That was a fun time...although I apologize again to them for being witchy...the boys always act up after coming home from their dads unfortunately and I wasn't handling it well. When our tummys were full we went out to the airport and met mom and dad there. My dad is the best. Those boys look up to him soo much and he goes right along with it. They stood up by the fence and chatted, looked at the airplanes, and finally watched the fireworks when they started. Watching the sillouettes of them was a very sweet thing for me. I don't know why...but it really touches my heart. My kids wouldn't be who they are without the help of my parents, they are amazing people. Anyway...So then went home and went to bed.
I was sooo behind on my work from missing a day so I tried to catch up on Tuesday but ended up having to go to St George for a workshop. That was actually a good thing, because I realized I do know what I'm talking about and had to correct alot of things the presenters said hehe. But I did it after so it wasn't disrespectful. :) Wednesday I had meetings up in SLC so woke up at 4 am to go to the airport and fly out. The cab driver when I got to the airport got lost and made me late to my meeting, which ended up being in a homeless shelter anyway and that was a bit scary ha! Then flew home and was so tired we all went to bed, but not before the kids showed off all their cool stuff that grandma had gotten them while at the Ren Faire. They had earned a trip since they cleaned their rooms while I was gone. And my parents tidied up my house...which I got to say I was sooo grateful for since I hadn't been able to give it a good clean the weekend before. I love my parents and that was just one more thing that edified those feelings. Not to mention the funny stories of my mom using my disposable toilet scrubbers to clean my stove, george foreman, sink and counters I believe... she didn't realize what they were until she had my dad go buy some...and they were in the toilet cleaner aisle hehe!
So this week has been very eventful. I'm happy for the weekend to be here so I can rest. And I get to keep my boys this weekend so thats even better! We are going to check out the July Jamboree and figure out something fun (and free since I'm poor haha!) to do.
So have a good weekend everyone and I wish you all the best!

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