Monday, October 1, 2012

One Foot in Front of the Other

The boys and I had an experience today. Remember how I'm trying to better myself and all that jazz? Well today I had the chance to do so. We went to Smiths after our SEP meetings to get some dinner and such. Outside was a guy and what looked like his girlfriend playing a guitar for food. I didn't pay much attention to them really and forgot they were even there shortly after going into the store. Then it got interesting.
Muffins were on sale and since muffins make a good go-to breakfast in the morning I stock up. Generally two packages will last me all week (the boys help eat them too) but for some reason I got three instead. As we were walking out the door I saw the couple again. They weren't asking for anything in particular, just said that they were hungry. So when we got to the car, I looked over the items we had bought and really, the only thing they would've been able to eat without some heat source would've been some muffins. I asked the boys if they wanted to share our muffins as we had gotten an extra pack. And of course, they said yes and offered to take them over. I don't know what the intentions of the couple was, and I kept wondering if they really needed the help or not. Did we do the right thing? But when we drove out of the parking lot the girl was snarfing down the muffins like they were going out of style and it helped me to remember that it is not my place to judge whether or not someone really needs help or not but it is my job to do what I can to serve them. I think it was good lesson had for all.

As mentioned before, we had SEPs today for the kids. Tyler is of course excelling and the teacher loves him to death. Nate, who in the past has always been above average since the day he began school, is now a grade lower in reading than he needs to be and his reading comprehension is too low. And although he loves math, he is having a hard time understanding. He is also having issues turning in homework. Does this happen with age? I've realized I need to be more proactive and we will be working on reading and homework every single night together. Something I've unfortunately not been great at.

And lastly to report, we had a wonderful Family Night tonight. Our friends invited us to go play kickball with them and some other families in that neighborhood and we had such a great time! I haven't played kickball in years but it was so much fun to be able to get out with all the kids and the families, and to gain new friends in the process. I feel blessed to know such wonderful people. I really am blessed, just truly blessed.


  1. I love kickball! I think Nate is just getting older. Katie is still above average on her testing, but she isn't getting up excited to go to school any more. She has always loved school and learning. I think it is teenage years looming on the horizon.

  2. Ah don't tell me that...I'm not ready for teenage years yet. I also found out he hadn't been reading the book for his book report due this Friday because "all I need is the info on the cover, its a good summary of the story." so I've determined its a bit of laziness kicking in as well. Frustrating all the same.