Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend In Review

We had quite the weekend. Nate decided to go see his dad while Tyler stayed home with Ryder and myself. So on Saturday, we decided after doing a little bit of conference watching and house cleaning to go to Home Depot for the....whatever it was....that was going on there. I have no idea what the event was but it was fun. We were able to see some cute puppies, talk to the Search and Rescue folks and pet their dogs, see the fire fighters and climb in the fire truck, and the boys' favorite part which was building/painting their own trucks.

Tyler building his truck. Hammer and nails and everything!!

Ryder painting his truck. Aren't the aprons adorable?

We also caught the last half of conference with Grandma/Grandpa and then decided to go to a movie. Thank goodness for our Historic Downtown Theatre here in Cedar, we were able to see The Odd Life of Timothy Green for $2 a ticket. I can't even tell you how much better that is then paying $40 just to see a movie with me and the kids (thats including treats, but tickets are at least half that). We were able to treat Grandma to a movie and Betsy/LJ came with us too! It was a very cute movie that wasn't so much geared towards little kids as I thought it would be but a really good movie all the same.

Sunday was a great day, we listened to conference and played with toys. I have to admit I dozed off a few times but all in all the messages were good and just what I needed to hear. And of course off to sunday dinner where Nate came home and let me know he had rolled the 4 wheeler. I think I was in shock at the moment but after it really digested I'm sure happy he was okay...I've known people to get really hurt by doing such and wow.....just happy he was okay...
We decided to go for a walk after dinner and ended up at the boys' school. The kids were going down a super fast slide and Betsy was able to get the funniest vid of Ry! See below...

And that brings us to the Home Depot event I was given some ID packets for the boys and so for family night tonight I decided we better go over Stranger Danger and put together our kits. We watched a Stranger Danger vid, made a plan of what we would do if someone were to rob us/we had a fire/something else happened and had a fun time getting fingerprints and DNA swabs (these kits were all out!). I hate talking about that kind of stuff because I don't want to even think it could ever happen to our family, but it's better to be prepared than to have my boys get hurt because they don't know what to do.

The fingerprint kits

DNA swabs

All in all we had a wonderful weekend. We missed having Nate join in on the fun but I'm happy he had fun despite the crash. Hope ya'll had a good weekend too!

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