Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mini Holiday and Instagram!

Since I didn't have work yesterday as it was President's Day, I decided to truly not work (which is a big step for me, I at least check my email, even on my off days) and have some fun with the boys. We don't get the chance to just straight up have fun very often, so I was excited and I think they were too. We spent the morning lounging around watching My Name is Earl and then decided to go to St George. We visited the Johnson's Dinosaur Farm which was incredible! The whole place is run by volunteers who are like, 70 yrs old plus some and they strive to make the experience fun. It was great. We then spent the rest of the afternoon at Lasermania winning cool stuff and watching 4D movies. We ended the night stuffing our gourds at Golden Corral where the boys honestly took about 10 trips each (except Ry, he only had 3 trips) and took full advantage of the chocolate fountain. It was such a fun day, definitely one for the books.

And now a whole ton of pics from the last few weeks!!

Ryder wouldn't take his goggles off during a snow storm the other day. Why?  "I HAVE to wear them so the snow doesn't get in my eyes!" Hehe smart kid.

My Loan Officer and Assistant got me the short beautiful bouquet as a congrats for new beginnings, and a friend sent me the other flowers on V day because "every girl should get flowers on V day". My corner of the office smelled delightful :)

Ty has been showing off his new "appliances". This is his expanding appliance. The expandor. Or however you spell it.

And we had to do a funky photo op of me cranking the appliance....of course.

My Mom's birthday was on Sunday. They were sweet and came to listen to Tylers talk in church, and then we had a fun dinner at my brother and sis in law's house. It was a great day. Happy Birthday Mom, thanks for always being here for me and being supportive, I truly appreciate all you do for me and the boys. I love you!

This is "Dino" the Oviraptor we got at the Dinosaur Farm. He is Ry's new friend. And I was instructed to keep him company today while Ry was at daycare. When I picked Ry up after work the first thing he asked was "Mom! Did Dino rawr at you while you were working?!"

The gift shop at the Dino Farm was actually decent priced, so we got a couple excavation kits to do for our family activities. The boys ate it up. We didn't get all the bones dug out, so our project this whole week is to work on them. And bonus, the boys are learning how to cooperate (I purposely made them work on the kit with two fossils in one block....so far my evil parenting plan of teaching teamwork is working, they had fun and there were no fights!)

Ry also got a kick out of digging, but his favorite part was sweeping all the dust off the blocks and making a mess. Surprise surprise!

This dino foot was as big as all the boys' hands plus some. It was pretty awesome.

This is a genuine T-Rex footprint. Ry was all over that thing (T-Rex is his fav dino) and the volunteer guy let them behind the ropes to get a good picture with it. And he made me take an up-close picture of the plaque at the bottom. And of the internet printout picture of a T-Rex. He was a funny guy :)

This is the boys in front of the giant wall of dino footprints, there were tons and tons of them. It really is quite fascinating, I think we will visit again soon.

This is our new organization/scheduling wall. We write important dates on the calender and longer notes about those dates on the side bar, I hang things I want to remember on the side (right now its an email about green ribbon week activities for the boys' school) as well as the "naughty chores" so they are accessible if the boys need a naughty chore added to their board and our chore charts on the bottom. 

I am obviously NOT crafty at all (ignore the crooked lettering sticker things) but it works. They have their room of responsibility on top and then their dinner chore, bedtime chore, weekend routine and extra weekend chore. We rotate all rooms/chores every Saturday.

So that is that. Happy blogging until we meet again!

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