Friday, February 1, 2013

2012 ReCap

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I was having a conversation the other day about 2012. The person I was talking to said good riddance, in hopes that 2013 would be better. And that made me think about 2012. There were some struggles, but all in all I think it was a good year. Lets recap!

1. Got out of a ridiculously bad work situation and into a good one. And them switched jobs again, from a good job to a great one.
2. Had fun with the boys at my first ever Blue Angels show.
3. Made my very first ever ham all by myself!
4. Attempted some De-Frump Challenges to boost my confidence. It worked for awhile.
5. Celebrated another year gone without Grayson. Miss you buddy.
6. Made the best ever career move and started work at Patriot Home Mortgage. Thank you to Trevor, who has been my lifesaver and the best person to work for EVER.
7. Unsuccessfully attempted to move.
8. Nate got to go visit the Alaska family and become part of the Annie cast.
9. Came to appreciate my little character Ryder even when we don't always see eye to eye.
10. Started giving back to myself with my BirchBox.
11. Spent quality time with my family.
12. Had some tough decisions to face up to, one of which lead to a broken heart and contrite spirit. But taught me some valuable lessons at the same time.
13. Became a bit more self reliant even though I wasn't feeling all that prepared for it.
14. Then quickly afterwards got shocked with the news that Ty is going to have surgery this year.
15. My love and appreciation for Patriot and Trevor was reaffirmed when they gave me a miracle and showed their amazing selflessness and love for my family.

And so much more! Looking back, even with a few disappointments and frustrations I would say that 2012 was good to me and my little family. We had some really fun experiences and learned a lot of valuable lessons. So thank you 2012 and bring it on 2013. I have some big BIG things planned for you, so you better get yourself ready.

Happy weekend all!

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