Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Derby and Docs

The Derby!

We had two exciting events recently. Last night Nate had his Pinewood Derby for Scouts! He did fantastic. He didn't place, but his car came in either 1st or 2nd every race. Which is a miracle really....considering the events that led up to the Derby. I thought the weigh in was last night and the Derby was tonight, but I was mistaken. We had missed the weigh in and had to weigh before the races. Only problem....Nate's car was wheel-less. So they worked on the car and got everything situated. Well we got there in the nick of time only to find out his car was only 2 oz (it's supposed to be 5 oz spot on) so I was pulling coins and keys out and even with everything I had to put on there, it was still short by a lot. Then a very nice guy saved the day and glued some actual car weights on to the car. It was cleared just in time. And I owe him some cookies. Or banana bread. He saved our day. Nate was very excited that his dad came to watch and we also had my nephew there as part of our cheering squad. Even with the stress, it ended up being a really nice night.
 *I have more pics too, but my phones acting up so follow me on Instagram and you can see more :)

This morning we had to wake up extra early because Ty had his first appointment to get his mouth ready for surgery. This was the x-ray/taking molds/putting in spacers appointment, so nothing major. We start the real work next week. But today was interesting. The poor guy has some seriously weak gag reflexes and when the assistant was putting in the mouth molds he tried hard but couldn't stop gagging. He gagged enough that he ended up puking all over. They finally had to size down to their very smallest molding sets and he still gagged, but at least he didn't puke. Our awesome Orthodontist must have this happen on occasion because shortly after the puking incident, the sweet girls came in with an awesome T-shirt that they let him change into and keep.
He cracks me up too.... They were talking about getting the molds for his appliances, and he got thoroughly confused. He couldn't figure out what kind of appliances they would put in his mouth so we have a running joke going on whether or not its going to be a toaster or a blender. He's hoping for a blender.

Oh we also learned tonight that Ry is not ready for Pictionary. We had game night tonight and he did not get the concept. Needless to say, the other team won because he kept telling them what card he was choosing. Lesson learned, we are playing a more age appropriate game next time.

And...thats about it. This week is slowing down considerably from the last few and it is sure nice. Lets hope for a great remaining week.

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