Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy 2013

2012 was a crazy year. It was a chaotic year. There were soooo many changes in our life last year. Most were good. Some were scary. But all were learning experiences I am grateful for. 

So now is the time that we reflect on how we want 2013 to be different right? Its a new year....a fresh start... so what do I want to happen? I think its an appropriate time to refresh my goals. 

1. Losing weight (shocker...I know): But for real, it's getting ridiculous. I'm getting sore joints, shooting pains throughout my body more and that scares me. Plus my energy has been lagging quite a bit. So it's time to get serious. No diets, no fads....just straight up clean eating and getting more exercise in. And detoxing my body. I've been watching documentaries about all this processed food (msg mostly which is in 80% of food ya'll) and it causes some seriously horrible side effects to organs....and I want that junk out of my body. So what am I going to do exactly to correct this problem?
   *Cut back processed foods by a lot.
   *Eat more fruits and veggies
   *Take time to make healthy meals (no more Hamburger Helper!)
   *Exercise more (a friend is helping with that....getting an elliptical hopefully tomorrow)
A few of the girls at work are starting up Weight Watchers and I've been thinking of getting back on that again too just so I have an accountable weigh in time. I do better when I have to weigh in. I try harder to be good.

2. Get more financially sound: This is the year to do it too. It's looking promising. My paychecks have been stabilizing out a bit, so I know better what to expect on each check. Which means I can plan better. Going to start stocking away savings for slow months as well. On my to do list....
   *Save up 3 different types of funds.....
    "emergency funds" that will cover 3 months worth of living expenses just in case something happens
    "medical funds" that will help with Tylers surgery 
    "misc funds" for possible move soon, fun money, etc
   *More religiously pay tithing. I truly think it's smart to pay towards helping others. 
   *Get new car that is more reliable and less of a money sucker. Which I'm working on as we speak.
   *Get my butt moving on house buying (get my credit fixed)

3. Improve my family situation: There are a lot of things I want to change about our little family situation. At the present time, I think we spend too much time in front of the TV/Computer and need to focus more on being together as a family. So, I'm working on that.
   *Going to eat dinner every night at the table
   *No TV allowed when we get home
   *Every day we are going to do an activity together as a family. We've stocked up on games, puzzles, artsy stuff, music, etc and will choose and activity to do as a family without electronics interfering (my texting included) every night.
   *Read stories, scriptures and say prayers together every night. we skimp on this more than I'd like to admit if it's a late night or if I'm having a frustrating night with ornery kids. 
  *Be a better example to my kids. Kids lead by example and there are some little ways I need to tweak my actions to be a better example to them)
  *Get the kids involved in the sports/extracurricular activities they want to do. Money and time have prevented this in the past, but I'm going to make time this year, no matter what.
  *Get Ry up to speed on his developmental issues. I think I've been in denial about him but have finally opened my eyes a little to see that he is behind in his cognitive I'm going to spend some extra time with him to see if I can't help speed that up. I think our family activities will help that as well.

Ok ya'll....thats that. My 3 main priorities for this year are improving myself, my family and my finances. These are things I continually work on every year....and I look forward to 2013. I foresee lots of success and opportunity coming my way....and I will take it head on.

Have you thought of your goals yet? Good luck ya'll....I wish you the very best 2013!

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