Monday, January 28, 2013

Proud Momma

My most handsome Nate

We are going strong on the Play front....4 down and only 2 more to go. Nate is LOVING the experience of being in the play. He's had a bit of a rough go with one of the other kids there who is pretty rambunctious and likes to blame him for things, but he's fairing pretty well. And loves hanging out with BayLee the dog backstage during performances. I cannot say enough how proud I am of him for taking the chance with this play. He's already thinking of auditioning for the upcoming Wizard of Oz play and is participating in the school play again this year as well. I'm sure proud of him.

On the Tyler front, our doc visit went well on Friday. Our Specialist agreed it was time for surgery and agreed to work with our amazing Orthodontist down here. Ty starts his mouth prep on Wednesday. I'm crossing fingers all goes well with that and that the two docs can work out a good plan of attack for us.

Ty is also the only lucky one in our house who hasn't been sick. Nate had it over the weekend last week, Ry had it during the week last week and it hit me hard on Saturday morning, my throat wanted to die a little I think. Today is going better thankfully. I really hope that we are done getting sick for the season, I'm beyond tired of it. I hate having my little guys sick, I feel so hopeless. And I hate being sick. Ugh.

Anyway....on to a new week. Hopefully ya'll have a good week as well!

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