Monday, January 14, 2013

Holy Freezing

Borrowed from my friend Michelle on Facebook....11 degrees at 4 PM...check out the  projected low for tonight.... -23!!

The last few weeks have been SOOO cold here. The nights have been averaging between -6 and -18 degrees (and apparently supposed to get to -23 degrees tonight  *see above pic). It's currently -10 degrees. And day times aren't much better....I think the high today was like 15 degrees. Luckily I was able to escape to the warm weather of St George, it was a balmy 24 degrees there today. Break out the swimsuits ya'll. I hate this cold of weather. Our heater is running on overtime just to keep the house in the high 60s. It is COLD.

Another worrisome side effect of the poor beater car is not liking it one bit. It's been steadily on the decline for a month or two, but this cold weather has really given it a beating. Mom has gotten the fear of breaking down in negative degree weather and freezing to death instilled in me. So tomorrow, I find out if the car I want will work for me....and if it does then it will be mine. Woohoo! Because we all know I go through cars like they are candy. I'm kind of excited for it.
What I am not excited for, however, is cleaning out my current car. I have been delaying it for a week now. One, because it is so dang cold, but on earth do we accumulate so much junk?! I am not a car junk hoarder but I think my boys are. I find the most random stuff in that thing on the floor and under the seats. And gross stuff. Like month old chicken nuggets or taffy stuck to the floor. That happens often. I think there will be a no eating in the car EVER rule with this new car. But it will be good I think.

And to end the post.....3 very amazing people have had birthdays this month so far and I can't do a post without recognizing them! So....

Happy Birthday to my adorable niece Addison!
Happy Birthday to my other adorable niece Katie in Alaska!
Happy birthday to my amazing and wonderful Dad who had his 70th yesterday!

I love you all very much. Each one of you have brightened my days often and I can't even begin to say how happy I am you are in my life. You are all true blessings to me and I love you dearly. I hope your birthdays were absolutely amazing!!


  1. You need to move to Alaska. It is a 25 above here, and the last 4 days it's been above 32. However, when you guys start to warm up, we will start to cool off again.

    1. This is true. Except that I don't want the freezing rain, that almost seems like it would be worse than the super cold temps. I haven't counted that option out yet though. Who knows, maybe Patriot will open an office there and I'll just transfer. We did just get our AK license to do business :)