Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Nate and Happy Christmas Eve!

Today was a jam packed day! We woke up to a beautiful snowfall coming down (I should say Nate woke me up to show me the beautiful snowfall). From there we had a busy day of cleaning, cooking, shopping and just having fun in general. It was a great day.

Tonight, we were able to spend the evening with our family. We had a DELISH meal of prime rib, lobster, potatoes, salad, jello, creamed corn and rolls. We finished off with birthday cake for Nates birthday. Then commenced the birthday celebration for Nate. All day he's been antsy to play with his toys that he was able to choose today with Uncle Scott, Grandparents and myself. He had such a great time.

After birthday celebration we had a live nativity with the kids, read a cute Christmas book, had a impromptu concert by my niece Melissa on her violin (which was fabulous), had a visit from the Christmas Brownie for jammies and sung Christmas carols. I love my family, they are such a joy to be with.

When we got home we of course had to have some milk and cookies, watched Mr Krugers Christmas and tracked Santa. The boys were sooooooo excited about Santa coming. Funny enough, Nate is by far the most excited. The other two are out cold but Nate is in his room boobytrapping the place so he will wake up when Santa comes. He's also playing with his new toys. No matter how much I tell him he needs to go to sleep, he just can't calm down. He was even doubting Santa this year....but I think I've gotten him convinced this time. Next year might be a different story.

Today marks an amazing day in my history, the day that Nate was born. He was my little Christmas baby. He was born at 11:48 PM....almost an actual Christmas Day baby. We were soo happy to have him come to our family. He is such a smart, helpful and kind little (BIG) guy. He is happy to help his brothers and has a giant heart. I love my baby...he is such a beautiful member of our family.

So ya''s time to get a kid zonked out so Santa can come. I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas season so far and have a fantastic day tomorrow! Merry Christmas!!

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  1. Thanks for posting the pictures! It looks like a wonderful Christmas Eve! Tell Nate happy birthday once more for me!