Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Opportunity

I have been researching a line of products that a friend of mine sells and I've decided to join her team to help sell them. She is overloaded with work and needed some am helping. And I'm pretty excited about the opportunity. The product is called It Works. There are lots of fun products in this line, but I'm most excited about the skinny wraps. No they don't make miracles happen, but when used with healthy eating habits and exercise, they do help tighten up loose skin and help stretch marks and cellulite fade out. I'm very excited for the opportunity. Mostly for selfish reasons. Because we all know I have a fear of the dreaded and loathsome 'tummy tongue'. See below (via YouTube):

Again this is not a miracle cure or anything...but it does help tighten up loose skin. But this doesn't only include tummies, you can do it anywhere on your body. So if you have a double chin your hating, slap the bad boy on and it will reduce down the gobble look. Or if you have old lady wing arms (also referred to as Relief Society arms around here) it will help that out a little too.
So go Google, YouTube, Pinterest, whatever it and check it out. I'll post a link to my site once it's up and running.
Once again...a way has been provided to help me with these upcoming costs....just one more reason that I can say that miracles happen. They do folks....they do. :)

On a random note....I didn't realize how long my hair was until I got it cut tonight. 6 inches the girl cut off. And I miss my long hair already, but I am LOVING the fact that every time I put my purse on my shoulder or my coat on, my hair doesn't get squished or ripped out. I'll post a pic when I actually do my hair tomorrow. Yay!

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