Thursday, December 6, 2012

I need a game plan.

Yesterday was rough. But....I had a lot of love and support from various people and you know, it helps me realize that as hard as this is, it will end and things will get better. Somehow I will find a way to conquer every single hurdle that has come my way recently and I will do so with a smile on my face (even if it's fake). But....I know to get through this I will need a game plan. So I'm making a game plan. And will probably need ya'll to help me stick to don't be afraid to comment if I'm slacking or being whiny. So I'm taking my trials and breaking them down into steps.

Financial Stress:

1. Call and set up payments with attorney
2. Set up payments with Daycare (DONE!)
3. When I get big checks, SAVE any extra money instead of blowing it. Sounds like a duh thing...but I have a hard time with this.
4. Figure out doc/travel expenses for Ty *going over that later*
5. No more wasting of food. We waste leftovers a lot, and don't eat our produce quick enough sometimes but now that I'm going to be on a strict more waste. Waste not Want not right?

Tyler Surgery Stress:

1. Make appt with Craniofacial Specialist up north (DONE! Seeing him Jan 24th)
2. Make appt with Orthodontist (DONE! Next Thursday for our consultation)
3. Save money up (see above) for expenses.
4. Prep Ty (and myself) for whats going to be going soon as I know....
5. Find out more accurate costs so I can start making a financial plan to pay that off
6. Keep checking into insurance. Or anything I can find to help us with the costs

Weight Stress:
1. Get off my butt and quit being lazy
2. Get of my butt and quit being lazy
3. Get off my butt and quit being lazy
4. Are we seeing a common thread? I need to stop being lazy and do what I need to do to be happy with myself.

Undisclosed Stress:

1. Say a lot of prayers of comfort and understanding.
2. Have faith that what is meant to be will due time.
3. Have faith in the bigger plan that my life has in store for me.

*Big deep breath*

I know things will get better.....because life is meant to be happy. "Men are that they might have joy" is what a scripture somewhere says right? So it will happen. Just in it's own time, not mine.

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