Saturday, June 2, 2012


I am sooo incredibly happy to have Nate home. It has been a very long week and I have missed him like crazy. Its been exciting to hear all about his fun times with the cousins and how much he loved playing with them. They are all his favorites he says. They had quite the adventures and I wish we could've all gone but maybe someday soon we can. Tyler is still gone, sadly, but he will be home tomorrow and I can't wait. It will be nice for the family to be all together again. And I'm not letting either of them out of my sight (well except when I go to work) for a very long time.
I stole borrowed these pictures from my sister....I thought they were adorable!

Nate on the train with Uncle Les and Megan

Nate again

Nate with Katie and Megan in the caboose I believe

Nate and cousins in Willow Creek which is apparently freezing cold as it's fed directly from a glacier (?)

My very favorite picture....Nate's future blackmail :) Thanks Steph!


  1. We love having both boys over anytime. Ty was being such a big brother type. He would follow Kenna around at the mountains and when he came to our house to play. He would play with her and make sure she wouldn't run off. At Easter Nate was doing that. Its a little less stress off me to know someone else is watching over her. She is a little 900 mile an hour tornado. Everywhere ALL the time.

  2. Ha I understand that completely... they are great at watching over the younger cousins. They do that here too. I'm happy they could help out :)