Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I had a very productive day. It feels good to be productive. I got another file and finished the beginning work without more help than just a question here and there....and my numbers matched up exactly (which is a really big deal and has been causing me stress...). On to St Geo tomorrow. It will be nice to move down there eventually so that the commute becomes obsolete. But until then, I'm grateful for a riding buddy. It would be a lot more mundane making the drive alone.
I'm also grateful for small but not so small to me blessings like my mom cooking us dinner this week. It's saved me money (on tired days I give in and get fast food) and it's made us eat healthier (than fast food or quick meals like hot dogs and chips).
Not much else to report on....slow news day I suppose. Have a good one ya'll.

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