Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Holy Busy Day

I am beyond exhausted. Its been a crazy busy day....there wasn't a second of free time from when I woke up to this moment. Like I had about a gazillion texts waiting for me from everyone under the sun when I paused for a second to grab some lunch....then a gazillion more when I got in the car to go home (no I didn't text while driving....just at stop lights hehe) I love being busy at work. It makes the day go by really fast. However it's also exhausting. I'm also not so confident about my abilities to pick up the new data system at the new job. Its confusing. I've been through 2 trainings on it, however I'm still struggling. I know that I will get it down eventually....but until then there will be many many after work figuring out moments on client files I think.

The shining light was the DoTerra class tonight. Learned all about cleaning stuff with oils. It's kind of interesting. I got to make a whole ton of cleaning product (all from home products that are not chemical woot woot!) and it was really good. I really enjoyed it. Speaking of which...they are super duper easy to make and work wonderfully. If you want to try out some oils or want some recipes, let me know...I know a great girl who sells them :)

Ok time for bed....tomorrow is going to be another busy busy day so I better Serenity up and get to bed. G'nite all.

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