Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Reality shows

The reality shows out there right now are pretty hilarious. More specifically, dating reality shows. I don't generally watch them but I've had more than my share the last couple weeks.
My personal favorite (sense the sarcasm) is The Choice. No not The Voice....Fox's spinoff of that called The Choice. Same spinning chairs, same idea....however it's a dating show. Take single celebs and walk about girls who try to convince them they are worthy to date in like 30 seconds by only their voice. They each get to choose 3, then have a speed round (15 seconds) of asking questions (because you can find sooooo much out in 15 seconds) and then eliminate 1. Then...have a Ms America style question portion to see how they would answer...then eliminate one more so they can choose their date for the night. Seriously? Ugh
I have actually enjoyed The Bachelorette this season (the little bit I've watched) becuase the girl is a single momma and really down to Earth. And...booted a guy off for being a jerk. Good girl.
I just catched a glimpse of Love In The Wild...and it's pretty ridiculous as well. Throw people together in forced relationships then let them pick and choose from other peoples relationships if they aren't happy. Yeah.

So on that note...I want to go on a LDS version of The Bachelorette. Wouldn't that be awesome? Instead of having absolutely NO luck finding a guy who shares the same values as I do AND is actually interested in me given my many downfalls....I could have a plenty of choice. In my dreams I suppose. I guess I should probably put myself out there but remember my last experience going to a singles dance? It kind of makes me not want to try again.

Another random fact....commuting is for the birds. For some reason it makes me really tired and worn out. I'm ready for bed. And with that....bring on the Serenity (and hope I don't oversleep again). Good night all.

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