Monday, March 14, 2011

A New View On The Singles Scene

I've obviously been on the singles scene for awhile, but never really participated in the dances and stuff that come along with it until recently when one of my friends has asked me to come to some LDS Singles dances with her. My first thought is to run away fast. But she swears that they are super fun. So my first time going was awkward. There were maybe 4 guys there and like 8 girls. We left and went to a movie. On Friday, I figured I'd give it another shot. there were more like 10 guys there this time, and about an equal amount of girls. I was asked to dance 3 times, twice by the same guy. The first time, was a guy named Bruce who was very nice. He was probably 45 yrs old, a bit short, balding, and kinda stinky given his 'job'. For a living, he takes care of his brother who has cerebral palsy and is also getting bored with his math degree so he is going back to school for an english degree but strictly for literature purposes. No education. He is the one that asked me to dance twice. He was nice. And I give him props for taking care of his brother, it takes a special type of person to do that. Second guy was Doug. He was a very tall, rather awkward dude who was wearing a plaid golf shirt and high water khakis. Probably in his 30s. All I know about him is that he is from So Cali and lived here for awhile, then moved to St George. He wasn't too much of a conversationalist.
These experiences do not give me hope for future relationships. The single scene in Cedar is lacking something. single activities, people, etc. I hear the St George scene is way more entertaining. I might have to try one of their dances and see how it goes. They also have speed dating. That could be entertaining. We shall see. I do have a plethra of single guy friends, but anyone who knows me knows that I make better friends with guys than girls, so who knows if those will lead anywhere. My luck, they won't. I don't know that I'm good relationship material anyway. I have high expectations now and apparently they are old school expectations like...ya, honesty, loyalty, respect, that kinda thing. So for now, I forge on.

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