Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I would like one husband please.....

I was thinking about arranged marriages last night. I kinda wish that I lived across the seas in a place where arranged marriages still exist. You don't have to do the dating thing, you have someone who is all set in life, can take care of you and their divorce rate is really low. Since from what I understand its culturally unacceptable to get divorced. I could be wrong on that one but I think I'm right. One of my friends went through an arranged marriage a little over a year ago and it seems to be working fantastically. (Isn't she stunningly gorgeous?!) I know there are some downsides...you hear of the horror stories of the husbands beating the wives, or burning them, that kind of thing. But I trust my parents and am pretty positive they would screen the gentlemen very well before choosing one for me. I'd just like to make the request that he be dashingly handsome, have a good sense of humor, and be honest and loyal. And already have some sort of a career in mind, either working towards it or already in it. Thats always a plus. I imagine there would be the downside of possibly loving someone else and then being forced to marry another. Or being totally and completely annoyed by the person you are mated with. But thats where the parents screening comes in. I would hope that if my parents were looking for a compatible mate for me, they would take into account my personality and find someone who would match me well.
But...alas....here I am. Hopefully someday I may find my mate. The perfect match. If that still exists. I'm starting to wonder. Maybe the higher up folks in charge of love are waiting for more things to start lining up in my life. Or they are planning on dangling love just out of my reach as a cruel joke. I haven't quite decided yet. I suppose only time will tell eh?


  1. That post made me chuckle... It will work out Kim - when it's right for the Lord and when it's right for you ... and when your divorce is final ;)

  2. Hopefully! :) By the way...had that laughing cow garlic and herb on my wrap today. Fantastic! It helped that the wrap was made of that yummy honey dijon chicken mom made. But I definitely have a new favorite for spreads on wraps and sandwiches!