Monday, March 21, 2011

The Weekly Tallies

Last week was an OK week I think. And its time to do my tally stuff.
Saturday morning I wieghed in at WW and amazingly lost 2 lbs! That means I have officially passed my first 10 lbs lost (I got my 10 lb ribbon woot woot!) and my grand total amount lost is 11.4 lbs! I'm only 2.6 lbs away from my first mini goal of 14 lbs lost. I'm excited! I just might kick that mini goal before the the end of March. I'm going to work real hard this week to hopefully kick it out this week. Although today I forgot all of my food on the counter. BUT I luckily have stockpiled alittle bit at work too so I should be good until I can run and get stuff on lunch.
I've also limited my spending since payday. I took out $40 cash to spend and I'm still working on spending it all. Its nice to be on a budget actually. That $200 that I put in my Disneyland fund is socked away still and I haven't even been a little tempted to use it. So my spendless is doing good so far as well. Last week was a good week for goals. This week I'm hoping to make it an even better week. I have a couple things I want to get accomplished. I know is SNOWING right now but generally today is the first day of spring. Which means I'm going to start on my spring cleaning and repairs of the home. No major repairs don't worry...I'd call in the experts for that. But I do need to snake a couple drains and work on getting some stains out of the carpet upstairs. And change my filters. And replace a couple light bulbs. And DE-JUNK! I'm hoping to complete these things by the end of the month and I think thats obtainable. I shall keep you updated on how its going.

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