Monday, March 28, 2011

WW frustration...and YoYos.

My weigh in on Saturday was not so good. I was hoping and praying that I would kick my short term goal out of the water this week, and didn't even come close. I only lost 0.8 lbs. Yes its still a loss, but frustrating. And I know exactly why I didn't have a good weigh in. I had a blizzard at work, and a meatball sub during the week, and KFC...and didn't exercise every night...I can count the reasons it was no good. This week, started out bad with not eating enough food, or fruits and veggies, and downing a blizzard on Saturday. But Sunday I got off on the right track. Had healthy food all day, and a very tasty dinner of pork, couscous, asparagus and a peach/watermelon/cucumber salad with feta and white wine vinegar. It was a light and refreshing meal. Very tasty. See the picture below. Kudos to mom for helping me and Betsy out by making low point WW friendly meals. :)

So this week....I shoot for a good week. I've got my entire menu planned out and prepared. I've got my fruits and veggies prepared. I even made a yummy breakfast casserole for breakfasts. And I've stocked up on 2 point pudding cups for those times I need a sweet kick. I also have the goal of exercising every night.

The WW meeting this week was fantastic....focusing on going back to the weeks you were doing great and bringing something back from that. I totally plan on doing so and not letting myself slide anymore. As a weekly tally (and for prosperity) however, I will state I am down 12.2 lbs since I started this journey. Only 1.8 lbs to go and I make my first mini goal...and if I get it this week then that means I completed my first goal of losing 14 lbs by the end of March. My awesome leader Jolene figured that my weekly average was about 2.4 lbs, and that made me feel better.

But....this is the first healthy eating type deal that I have actually lost...and stayed on for more than a week. Previous 'diets' I couldn't last on. I think WW is different because you have to be accountable. You can't pretend to have a good week and have a good weigh in too. Thats the difference between those yoyo diets and ww in my opinion. And thats why its a good plan for me.

So here is to a good week.


  1. Way to go Kim! I've recommitted myself and am having a much better week too... and I did go on my treadmill last night! WOot Woot!! I almost texted you to ask if you were exercising too, but I didn't want to be pushy. I'll try to keep the same goal as you and exercise each night this week. Keep up the good work!

  2. You can text me gives me motivation too! I'm happy your having a good week :)