Monday, March 7, 2011

Its A NEW Week

The weekend brought on some rather interesting experiences. It started with the ex deciding not to take the boys but not letting me know until later on. Don't get me wrong, I love having them stay with me but would've appreciated more planning time for dinner and such. Friday we had a movie night. I did good with snackage for the most part, but did eat a few gummie frogs. And a leftover slice of pizza. That blasted pizza. {I cleaned out my fridge Saturday and got rid of all temptations like pizza}

At weigh in, I found that I had lost 1 solid pound. Which....hooray for the pound lost, but also disappointing given the previous weeks awesome numbers. So this week I'm striving to do better. Saturday night we had stuffed turkey burgers and squash fries that were delicious. This weeks menu includes some halibut, delicious chicken dishes, and a pork dish I've been wanting to try. It feel good to cook healthy meals for my family. So this weeks goal is to focus on healthy food instead of junk food.

Do you ever have those experiences that aren't necessarily life altering, but kinda fall under that category? Sunday was my day of a not so much but kind of life altering moment. The boys and I went to church and after a bit of a stress moment for Nate about going to a new primary class, and Ryder for having to go at all instead of staying with momma, Everyone was good to go and I was off to class. The story was that of Christ eating at Simon the Pharisee's home. While there, a woman found him, anointed his feet and wept for forgiveness. We compared the character traits of each person (Simon vs the woman) and were told to think of ways we can improve and be better people. It was a great and motivating lesson. The life altering part was the second block on communication. The first section was communicating spouse to spouse, then parent to parent, then parents to children. The first two sections showed me how wrongly things were handled in my marriage and that I need to re-think what I'm looking for is a second marriage.

The third section was the life altering moment. I realized that I completely block off the communication line between my kids and myself. The way I go about talking to them wouldn't make them feel comfortable talking to me about day to day things, non-the-less hard topics that will be coming up soon. I have thought hard about this and will be re-thinking how I approach my parenting. Now is the time that families need to be stronger than they ever have in the past, and even though I'm doing it alone, I need to make sure mine is just as strong if not stronger. Its time to step out of old ways, crack the shell, and start manning up to the important task that I've been given raising these strong, blessed souls that have come to me.

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