Friday, March 18, 2011

Its Friday!!!

I am soo excited for it to be Friday. After a whole ton of stress at work yesterday, today should be a good and productive day. I will be at the Home and Garden Expo/Show thing tonight and tomorrow all day and am looking forward to promoting my program. I was also asked to conduct a little mini seminar both days, and I'm a bit nervous about that but I think it will be okay. I've written the outline for it and am just working on what to put on my table today.
I'm also excited for my weigh in tomorrow, to see if I've lost any weight. I'm hoping for at least a pound so I can pass up my 10 lbs lost mark but I would be soo happy if I managed to surpass my 14 lb goal. I don't think I'll have that good of a week, but I am crossing fingers. I have done better at eating all my fruits and veggies servings and not eating snacks...and exercising, so I just might make it.
So today all in all is projected to be a great day. And even better, the weekend is here. That makes me all the more excited. Have a good day all!

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