Tuesday, March 29, 2011


After work last night the boys were extremely hyper and needing to get energy out, and it was finally a nice enough night to go take walk. We were planning on going up the canyon when mom called and asked if we wanted to go along with her up the canyon. Great minds must think alike. We went late enough that it was nearing sunset and absolutely gorgeous, as you can see. And even better, it didn't even feel like exercise. When I got home I was gearing up to walk the treadmill and realized that I had already exercised. It was an enjoyable evening. And the boys were definitely tuckered out. We went home and went right to bed...and by the time I got out of the shower they were all snoozing contently in their beds.

And I swear it wasn't all creepy stalkerish...but I was watching them sleep and realized how big they have gotten. After showers last night I was putting lotion on their feet and realized Nate's feet are almost as big as mine (and made me realize I really do need to buy him new socks. I thought he was just wanting them because he wants new everything all the time. My bad.). His hands are almost as big as mine as well. Not to mention he reaches my shoulders now (not saying much since I'm practically a midget, but still). When did he get so big? I can remember cradling him as a little bitty baby and him snuggling up on my chest at nights when he couldn't sleep. Or having him lay on my lap as he got older and watch TV. Now he is growing into a strong young man. More than once I've leaned in to give him good night kisses and I've gotten a fat lip because he likes to swat my kisses away, and accidentally swats me instead. He doesn't realize his own strength I don't think. The time goes by quickly. That realization hasn't come with Ty or Ryder yet but I imagine its only a matter of time.

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