Friday, March 4, 2011

The Day of Reckoning. Kinda.

Yay is Friday! But that also means its time to tally up how I'm doing on my goals. I thought I was doing fantastic, until I actually tallied up my spending. Then I was a tad disappointed in myself.
So for my spend less amounts, This week totaled $141.98.
Sigh. Granted that includes $80 for gas (still choking and gagging) but that gas lasts two weeks so there ya go. The rest was diapers and wipes, odds and ends for cleaning, and my horrid pizza experience. Again....sigh.
This week has taught me a good lesson though (I'm learning lots of good lessons this week) that because I'm not keeping track of every little thing daily, I'm tending to spend more. So my goal for this upcoming week is to track everything. May not mention it on the blog, but I will be tracking. This will be a good exercise in self control for me I think.
For my weight loss, I won't know until tomorrow. but I will give that tallying result on Monday. Its kind of funny, because I really am looking forward to weighing in to see if I've lost anything.
Oh and on that note, my lunch went well yesterday. We went to DeDe's and had a magnificant Grilled Chicken Salad with honey mustard dressing. I even took a picture because that was a work of art. I'll have to post it later though since I left my phone at home today. But it was beautiful none the less.
Anyway...this weekend is going to be full of cleaning, laundry, menu planning, and food shopping for me...I hope everyone else has a great weekend too!
And...Happy Birthday to my fantastic sis-in-law Betsy on Sunday! :)


  1. The b-day is actually tomorrow not Sunday, but we'll celebrate together by weighing in!! woot woot!! :) I'm a bit nervous - this week was not as stellar as last week. :/