Friday, March 11, 2011

Thoughts of the Day

- Last night was hard night. I was having issues and was ready to give up on my WW completely. I quit writing down what I was eating and luckily I didn't binge on anything, but I didn't exercise, and I ate a peanut butter bar. And scooped a second helping of mac and cheese. Bah. This has been a rough week. I'm pretty positive that I will have a bad weigh in tomorrow. Maybe not, but with the week I've had, I'm pretty sure. I haven't surpassed my extra points (I did count up the points for last night this morning, wasn't as bad as I thought) but I haven't exercised as much and haven't eaten the best quality of food that I could've. I'm hoping for a re-newed sense of motivation or whatever else I may need. I know I can do this, and I want to lose weight. I'm just frustrated and not seeing results I want which is my own fault. Hopefully I get the motivation boost I need at tomorrow's morning.
- I am happy for the weekend. I need a break and a good relaxing weekend to re-amp myself for next week. And to do better at planning ahead for WW. I will stick to having a good week. I need to for my own well being. I refuse to let myself rebel against...well...myself. I'm trying to get myself out of this funk, so this weekend will be good for that.
-My legal stuff is finally in process! Paperwork has been filed so I am very happy about that. It makes me feel good to know that this will all be done soon. Hopefully. I pray that he doesn't fight anything and we can just get it done.
-On a cheery note, we found the missing hampster Bob, ALIVE! He was chillin in Nates closet. We are all very relieved that he is alive :)

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  1. Just wanted to let you know I posted your Coke Chop recipe (well, my rendition) on my food blog! :) Thanks for the inspiration!