Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oh What A Day

Yesterday was going amazing....I was busy, ate oodles of fruits and veggies, and by the time I got home I had 31 points left for the day! Usually I have like 18-20. And that was with fulfilling my dairy needs for the day, my fruit/veggie servings for the day, and having a filling breakfast and lunch. So what do I do?

Get pizza.

This was my mindframe. I had forgotten it was early out and was running late to get Tyler, so I didn't have time to go home on lunch and start a meal for dinner. I knew we would be hungry, and not wanting to wait for an hour for me to cook food which leads to breakdowns with the boys. And since I had 31 points left, I figured it would be a good pizza night. My favorite pizza ever, stuffed crust hawaiian, actually has a shockingly low point value for being a piece of pizza. But what do I do?
Not eat slow.
Devour pizza.
I ate over my alotted 31 points.
Luckily I have another alotted amount of points I can use as "extras" for the week, but I was really trying to stick to my goal of staying within my daily point values.

But it was a good lesson learned for is my weakness. Yes, with WW you can eat stuff like pizza if you can stick to one or two slices. Sadly, I could not. And I didn't have any fruits or veggies prepared to go with it, or any water to go with it. So point being, next time (a LONG time down the road) that I feel strong enough to order a pizza, I need be sure I am prepared with my other 0 point fillers, and not eat directly from the box. Plate that baby up and throw the rest in the fridge. That or invite someone over for dinner so I don't scarf it down.

But today is a new day. So far I'm doing well. I am a little concerned about a lunch meeting I have set up today, I'm hoping we go somewhere that I can figure out something that will be good to eat and healthy, without looking like a nutjob tallying points at the table.
Crossing fingers!

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