Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday, Fathers Day and a Birthday

It's been a rough day. I think that once things settle down on the outside, things will also settle down on the inside. I hope. I feel the two are directly related. I've never considered myself someone who gets stressed easily so when I do feel stress, I hate it. The littlest things bother me and that is also when I know that I've let my spirit slide a little as well. When I feel the spirit, the little things don't bother me. I have hope and faith that everything will be okay and that we will be taken care of. And I know that life will eventually go the way I hope it will. But today, that spirit is gone. Who am I kidding, it's been gone all weekend. And things just keep piling on that drive the spirit away further because of how I handle them. Its a vicious cycle. A cycle I hope to someday break because it's exhausting to constantly feel worn down and feel discontent for every aspect of my life, when I know that there are good things going on that supercede the bad. Ugh. Anyway.

Today should really be focused on Fathers Day, not my blah day. I have a wonderful father. He has taught me alot about compassion and serving others. He has stepped in and done so many things to teach my boys good values. He has shown us the value of hard work and dedication. I love my dad and couldn't think of a better person in the world to have as a father. Happy Fathers Day dad!

June is full of family birthdays as well and today is my brother's birthday. So Scotty I have appreciated your kindness towards me and my boys. They think you are just the most wonderful person ever. I have appreciated your kindness towards them and care for all of our well-being. They all have wonderful memories of snacks and rides, visits to the firehouse, and every birthday they all look forward to getting to go choose a present with you, not so much for the present but because they get to go hang out with you all by themselves. I have appreciated the kindness you have shown me as well. You have touched my life and shown me the true power of the priesthood. Thank you for all that you do for myself and my family. I love you and I hope you have  a wonderful birthday!

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