Saturday, June 23, 2012

RAK and another birthday!

I was going to blog last night but got wrapped up in another blog, Labor and Deliverance that I saw a link from on Facebook. It's written by a male OB down South and rather humorous. He gets bashed on quite a bit and has actually stopped blogging because of some issues going on (all because he is one of the old school "listen to the patient, not the medical book" types of docs. Apparently they don't fly down South). But...catching up on his old posts are humorous. He is not everyone's cup of tea though so if you do hop over there, just know that you may find him a bit brash. He talks about a variety of issues, but my favorite being the funny pager calls he gets. Here are a few examples:

06:31 Surgery question. "What time am I supposed to be at the hospital for my sturgery." 31 minutes ago. "That can't be right." My bad, I'm just the surgeon ma'am.

22:44 Three min long contractions aver 1.5 minutes. How many weeks pregnant are you? "I'm not pregnant." Excuse me? "My daughters pregnant." How far is she? "Fo months." And she is contracting? No I'm contracting and its been going on for weeks." When is the last time I examined you? "Oh, I ain't never seen you before. Can I get some pain pills for my cramps?" Click

Pregnant 17 y/o called today hysterical because she had swallowed her tongue stud. The reason for such drama? "Scared the baby might swallow it."

It makes me laugh. He is a nice doc. Some think he bashes on certain social groups but I think it's more Jeff Foxworthy material personally. Plus, he accepts scrap iron, cool shirts/sweaters from your place of business/school/etc, pies or cake as payment if someone can't afford the care. Thats pretty awesome.

Anyway. The RAK (Random Act of Kindness) that happened to us the other day that I forgot to blog about was pretty awesome. We stopped to get some gas on our way home and the boys had a quarter so they went in to see if there was anything they could get for their meager money. Needless to say, they hit a gold mine. They all walked out with a soda, Nate had a little bag of Cheetos, and Ty/Ry had airheads. The sweet lady working gave them all a free small fountain drink and "helped" them buy a little treat. It really made their night. When I tried to give her some money to cover the cost, she refused and said it was her pleasure. You don't see that often anymore. Makes me remember that I need to perform more RAKs.

And the birthday! A little bird told me that today is the very special birthday for Megan in Alaska! I wish we were closer so that we could get to know you better! Nate really enjoyed his time up in Alaska and told me all sorts of fun stories about the adventures you had with him. You are growing up to be lovely (you look a whole lot like your mom when she was your age!) and have wonderful talents that I get to enjoy from afar. Your such a special girl and I really look forward to seeing the wonderful things you do with your life when you get older! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and we send all of our love to you today! :)

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