Tuesday, June 5, 2012

House Dreams! (pic overload)

As I've been contimplating the move to St George, I have been looking at real estate down there. Shocker I know. Me and my house dreams. However, this new job is allowing me to actually make that dream a reality, sooner than later. So shall we take a peak at what I have been scoping out? Okie dokie here we go. All properties are from ReMax listings.

First house is 5 bed/2.5 bath in St George. 3400 sq ft and listed at $170,000. A bit too big for us I think, but you will see below why I love this house. Listing and more pics here.

Kinda like the cottage look

You can tell its an old person house hehe

Needs a little cosmetic work inside


It's a grotto. Like a floaty boat thing would fit inside (see other pics on the listing), a hot tub, and a slide

Gardening area

Next up....
I don't understand how they determine property type down there, because this next one doesn't seem like a condo but whatever. 3 bed/3 bath in St George, 1962 sq feet. $149,900. Listing and more pics here.

Awesome patio entrance

Big family room (needs a paint job but LOVE the floors)

Love the kitchen (but needs a paint job too)

I'm assuming the Master (the whole house needs a new paint job)


And then....
The possibility of a townhouse that has everything you could ever want....pool, play area, etc. There are a few in this area for sale but this one had the best pictures :) 3 bed/2.5 bath at 1486 sq ft. $154,600 (there is another for $145,000). Find the listing and more pics here.



Play Area

Dining Area

Living Room


And last....for now.....
Another "Condo" that isn't connected to anything (seriously...dunno why they would say this is a condo). 4 bed/2.5 bath 1802 sq ft for $134,900. Find the listings and more pics here.

The front, need some landscaping (or weeding of Xscaping) but I think it's cute

Not fond of the TINY backyard (also needs some yardwork)

Living room with FIREPLACE!

I've always wanted a giant tub :)


I had to include this one because I LOVE that it has a lowered counter. Perfect for kid projects :)

So far these are my top favorite ones. All have things that I love about them, but if I were to chose one I was leaning towards more than the others it would be the townhouse for $154,600. Mostly because the neighborhood looks nice, it has a rec center close, play area, and pool. I'm sure the selection will change when the time actually comes....but for now these are what I'm drooling over.

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