Monday, June 11, 2012

The Challenge

Jacqui from Extreme Makeover: WL Edition. 207 lbs in 1 year using diet and exercise.
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I've decided to do individual posts for this challenge deal I'm doing, it will help me keep things seperated. These will for the most part be really boring, they are more for my own tracking purposes than entertaining purposes.
I love My Fitness Pal, however it freezes my phone so I had to find something new. I tried another one but they didn't have a phone app, and thats just no bueno. So I've finally settled on SparkPeople (thanks Staci!) and I really like it. The app doesn't kill my battery or freeze my phone, and it's really easy to use. And I LOVE the recipe ideas. Anyway.

My goal is to lose 30 lbs in 3 months.

To get there:
Caloric Goal: between 1200-1550 cals/day
Exercise: at least 90 mins/week
Burn: 307 cals/day

Now that that's out of the way....
Today was good.
Cal intake: 1273 cals
Exercise: 30 minutes
Burnt: 437 cals

When I was walking, those horrible negative thoughts kept creeping in. Like...."Why are you even trying? Your never going to change how you look" and "You might as well give up now, what makes you think you can actually do this?"
I hate those thoughts. I combat them and push on. However I do give in to them a lot too. How do you not? Positive affirmations over and over until they leave?
I dunno. I am finding out that this is going to be more of a mental challenge than anything else. I know I can do it physically....but I need to find a way to combat the emotional side. I can do this. I've done it before, I can do it again.

Ok thats all for now. Challenge on. :)

As a side note...I 100% plan to get back on Herbalife eventually. I love the program, but it's a little bit too spendy for my budget right now. Until then, I work at it this way.

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