Monday, June 4, 2012

Mormon Messages {and the new job!}

It has been a very long day....but a very good day. We headed to St George and was able to train for the new job. Business is booming and its going to be a very profitable move for us to make as a team. I can't say enough how much I just absolutely appreciate my manager and everything he has done for me. I'm very excited to get going with this company and feel like I am almost starting a new life. I am even more excited that this job provides me the opporunity to knock out three of my biggest life goals: Become financially stable, stop using state assistance, and buy a home.

On to Mormon Messages Monday. In light of the recent financial blessings I have been awarded with, I think it's important to remember how many blessings come from living within our means. I definitely have not always been good at this, but I've learned the value of saving for what you want and buying cash, making sure you have a cushion in savings and putting money towards retirement. Those lessons have saved me in very rough times, ensuring that we have the money we need even when we are living very tightly.
This message is a great reminder of such.  Becoming Provident Providers.

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