Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Today is random Instagram day since I have a bunch I want to share. From over the past week or so.

Why the random car asking for direction pic? Well because I was attempting to turn and they sat there chatting about directions to somewhere for THREE light cycles. This particular light has LONG light cycles. And there was no room to go around the stupid car. Grrr. Only in Cedar.

Practicing tent set-up for our family campout this weekend. Good memories in this tent.

Happy birthday work! Woot Woot! We know how to celebrate right. That was the yummiest carrot cake.

And...more cake. This was at the ward party. Bottom layer: chocolate with chocolate pudding filling. Middle layer: white with vanilla pudding. Top layer: strawberry with some funky filling, but it was good. Just dunno what it was. And of course chocolate and strawberries EVERYWHERE. Can you believe a girl in the ward made this? It was HUGE.

The boys playing games at the Ward party tonight. This was a water balloon throw. They also played frisby golf. Very fun night.

Fires are raging in Utah...a bunch up north and a ton down here. The latest started this afternoon around 2 pm and is about 20 miles outside of town but the wonderful Chicago-esq wind we get in Cedar is blowing the fire right to us. Freeway closed. No commuting to St George tomorrow. Scary too....evacuations of New Harmony and surrounding areas. Saying prayers for everyone (in Utah and outside of Utah) that are being effected by these fires.

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