Friday, June 29, 2012

I'm exhausted

This has been an ultra crazy week. I've loved every second of this ultra crazy week for the most part, but I am exhausted. Yesterday after work the girls in the Carlile family went on a camping excursion. For one night. And it was great. Mom ended up getting sick and couldn't go, so it was myself, the sister in laws and all the kids. And I'll tell you what, we had a blast. We did all the awesome camping activities like Hobo dinners, s'mores, and staying up late around the campfire (which we made sure to dowse well with pretty much the entire state being on fire and all). In the morning we had some awesome pancakes, eggs and bacon then cleaned up camp and played in the creek a little. With the cows. Boy there was a whole lot of fascination around the cows. Then lunch and home. That was it in a blur. But there were a few very priceless moments that even though I can barely see straight because I'm soo tired....I HAVE to share.

SIL Betsy was picking up the boys to take them up early and I got a call letting me know that they had stopped by the house to grab a few things. Jackets and such....then she made me literally laugh out loud and almost fall off my chair. "...we grabbed some pillows...but I use the term pillow very loosely as there is a duck involved."  The reason this was funny to me is because Nate has a GIANT duck that he sleeps I wasn't too surprised. However I think she was rather surprised based on the tone of her voice and I couldn't stop laughing. Too funny.

Ryder had to go potty shortly after we got there and I figured if he had to go pee, there were plenty of trees around. So he goes down by the adult tent to pee on the tree. Except I hear "Momma! I pooped!" (remember this is like right outside the door of the tent we are sleeping in). Gross. He also got the guy back arch thing down really well....he could stand on the tarp under the tent and arch his back enough while he was peeing to hit the tree. He was rather excited. The best potty moment...this morning he was peeing on a tree and Jack (cousin) decided to join him. So I look over and there is my Ry with pants to the ankles and little J pants down peeing right along side. Only a boy could do that. Ty however didn't quite get the art of peeing mastered as he just stood right in the tent doorway and let it rip. Good times.

The boys also almost got a lesson in the birds and the bees as we were sitting by a little stream with a herd of cows right across the way....and two of the girl cows decided to get it on, like 4 times. No need for health class anymore, just go to the mountains and watch the cows.

I know there were PLENTY of other funny moments but I'm soo tired I don't even have the energy to post pics (I'll do that later). I didn't get as many as I wanted seeing as how my phone died during the night but I still got a few.

So long post short, we had a blast. It was fun being able to spend time with my SILs and have our own little bonding experiences. I can't wait to do it again. Maybe next time the whole fam can join in the fun too! But now it is time to go to bed. Ry is snoozing on me (not a shocker considering he fell asleep at Sonny Boys...which was also pretty humorous to watch), and the other two boys are cuddled on the couch. So happy weekend ya'll...have a good night.

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