Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lesson learned

To go along with my Mormon Message, I learned a valuable lesson. To slow down. We went to St Geo today to work and I was grateful for the opportunity to shadow another processor. I just wasn't picking things up like I wanted, and I hoped that being able to see someone work without interuption would help. And boy did it ever. He went slow, step by step, to the point it was driving me crazy.... until I realized that I needed slow step by step instruction to really understand. It was a beautiful thing I tell you. I feel ready to take on as many loans as they can give me. I don't discount the fact that I said a very long and pleading prayer last night that I could be given the ability to soak up the information and understand so that I feel confident about my job. Prayer answered.

I also learned something extremely valuable from another blog I read. This girl is amazing. I love reading her posts. She recently went to NY and was able to have a walk and talk with a couple who blogs about love. Not oozy gooey love, the real deal. The ups and downs. And they gave her a bit of inspiration. I have taken on that inspiration and there is nothing more I can possibly say that would do this justice....so just read:

"...there's a handful of messages from our walk that still ring in my ears, but the biggest being happiness is not found in the accomplishment of a task, it's found in the virtues gained in pursuit of it. a girl won't be happy when she loses ten pounds {cabbage soup dieters, are you listening to me?}. happiness comes through the mastery of discipline and diligence. or the pursuit of it anyway. a husband won't make a girl happy, but conquering patience and faith and prayer or learning to love herself or gaining an independent spirit will. mara won't suddenly be happy when she gets pregnant, but her strength will come by relying on her heavenly father as she understands his timing and master plan.

things won't make us happy, but the things we learn while we pursue them will."

How beautiful is that? Something I fully intend on reciting every single day....

And to finish the post....some pictures from our Utah Shakespearean Festival Greenshow kickoff. I love the Greenshow and I am VERY excited that they are doing some Romania themed shows this year. LOVE!

I love the furry hat, so awesome

The boys kickin it up

The lovely ladies dancing

The whole crew

The cousins. Where is Nate you may ask? He went to Parowan. But has returned now much to the delight of his mother and brothers. We missed him :)

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