Thursday, November 29, 2012

I should've knocked on wood.

I sometimes think that the universe thinks it has a sense of humor. I kind of feel like when I finally get one step in the right direction, something happens to knock me three million steps back. I've also decided that it's completely true that issues/problems/hurdles/whatever you choose to call them always come in three. My trifecta has occurred.

1. My legal bill jumped from a remaining balance of $138 to $825. In a matter of 15 days. How does this happen? I have no clue, but I can't exactly complain because they've given me such a huge break over the years on fees. Ugh.

2. The whole getting off Welfare deal which has been a positive....has officially turned into a negative real quick. Daycare bill that I need to pay ASAP is just about $500 and next month will be even more as all three of the boys will be there during the days off from school. And to go along with that.....

3. The big stress. That I should've knocked on wood about with my previous post. As many of you know Tyler was born with a Cleft Lip and Palate. Which means he was born with a giant hole that went from his front gums (he didn't have a roof of his mouth when he was born) clear back down his throat. He's had 5 corrective surgeries so far and the next one was due to happen in a year or so. No biggie. 
Well....BIG. A while back we noticed he had a tooth growing funky in the gap in his gum that was pushing on his fake teeth prosthesis. So he went to the dentist and had the prosthesis taken out but our dentist suggested we see a Specialist. Grandma so wonderfully took Ty to the Specialist yesterday and it turns out that his development is ahead of what was estimated.

His current smile....from the front.

Front the side-ish.....

It's now time for the next surgery and if we wait much longer even more work is going to have to be done to get everything fixed. From what I understand (I got relayed info from Grandma who took him) the gap in his gums is like a sponge and can't hold the teeth in which is why they keep growing in funky. And there is quite a substantial amount of this spongy stuff so it's likely the "fake" bone they can sometimes use for the graft may not work, they may have to take a piece of bone from his hip.

Kind of a cool X-Ray...but you can see on top how he has "popcorn" or "scrambled egg" teeth as the dentist put it. They are just all over the place up in that area.

So on Tuesday we see the Oral Surgeon (I think that's who he is anyway...or another Specialist) to see what will need to be done to get him fixed up much it will cost. That's the kicker. Having no insurance means it's going to get costly.
After talking to my Mom about it, he will need $4000 in orthodontics plus the surgery costs. If they have to take the bone graft from his hip which is looking likely, then that will be more money of course. Based on his other surgeries and Mom's guesstimation....we are probably looking at around $15,000.

The Specialist (Dr Webster, I HIGHLY recommend him!) they went to yesterday was an absolute miracle though. Tyler was there about 1 1/2 hours, had two X-Rays done and I think Mom said that 3 different people took a look at him, so it could've been a very costly appointment but he didn't charge a dime. Even when my mom tried to pay him he still wouldn't take the money. I tell you what, I wish there were more kind souls in this world like him.

But needless to say I was a little stressed out yesterday. There were even a few tears involved. It almost feels like a catch 22. I don't have $15,000 just chilling out in my bank account and my parents have graciously offered to help with the orthodontics, but there is still the surgery cost. I can't not give my son something he desperately needs though. That is not an option. And my Mom keeps kindly pointing out that I can't let this slide or wait much longer (I do appreciate it Mom, I need a push sometimes when I'm feeling overwhelmed. Thank you and keep pushing).

I've looked into some financial help via health/dental insurance options and the regular ones are expensive and who are we kidding the likelihood of them covering a surgery so soon is minimal, but either way I can't afford them at this time. The ones in place for low income folks are closed to new applicants or I make too much money ironically. I am still trying to figure a way to look into the CHIP plan but you have to apply through the state and the app process takes 4-6 weeks according to the website. Which I will still get done for future needs, as this is not just a one time thing, it's a process they will have to monitor as he grows and develops. But it won't help right this second.

So.......If you pray, say a little prayer for us that we can figure this out. If you don't pray, send some positive thoughts and mojo our way. We could use all the help we can get.

Now off to do some more research and find a way to fix my trifecta of problems. There is always a way, just have to have faith that I will be led in the right direction.....right? Right?! Trying to have faith.

*P.S. I have learned a valuable lesson through this....I was soo frustrated about not moving a while back but had I not listened to that little voice in my head telling me it wasn't quite time yet, this would've sunk our little financial boat in the worst way. I am sooo very grateful I went against what I had REALLY wanted to do, otherwise we'd be toast. So remember to listen to that still, small voice ya''s usually right.

And just because it will be neat to see how his facial structure changes with this are the before shots.  Funny note...Mom said the one in the top middle looked like it could be one of the inmate booking page shots...I laughed a little :)

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