Tuesday, November 6, 2012

And....Obama Wins

So we've been watching the election tonight. I thought it was kind of important for the boys to see how its all happens. As of right now, Obama has been called to win. Sounds like Romney is hoping that because of the close (oh my gosh close) voting in Ohio and Florida he may pull through...but it's not looking great for him.
Can I just say that I am soo happy this election is over. Maybe I just never paid too much attention before, but it seems like this election was much worse than ones in the past.... just absolutely full of negative EVERYTHING back and forth between the two candidates. Even being in a strong Republican state, it's been bad. I can only imagine what the poor swing states have been going through. I've also been shocked at the different affiliations that have come out between my friends from both parties. Republicans I would've guessed to be Democrats and vice versa. It's been interesting to see people's opinions and what they feel is best for this country.
So what was my vote? Romney. And not because I'm a Republican (personally, I consider myself unaffiliated and choose the people I feel would do best for the country, regardless of their affiliation), not because I live in a Republican strong state, or because he is Mormon. There were a few reasons for this.
Romney has proven to be successful in his career which was turning failing businesses around and making them successful. He's become very wealthy doing this. I know there has been some negative light on his income and such but since when was it a bad thing to be successful? I think that is a good thing personally, it proves he knows his stuff. And I think it's safe to say this country is not doing well at the moment, so why not give the guy a chance to fix it? Of course I didn't let this one fact sway my entire decision, but it was the biggest playing card in my decision.
Soooo...that's just my opinion. Yeah, I'm a little bit sad that Romney lost. I do worry about what is going to happen to this country over the next 4 years. I hope that things will get better, but I have a feeling they will just keep on the decline. But I challenge Obama to prove me wrong.

And more than anything just a rant here for a second.....it kills me that the electoral vote wins the race and not the popular vote. Kinda makes me wonder what the point of voting is sometimes if the citizen vote isn't important in deciding who will run this country. I know that the number of votes per state determines the electoral vote for that state but did anyone else see the fact that Romney dominated by over a million votes so far in the popular, yet still fell behind in the electoral? Just sayin'.

On a more curious, religious note in regards to the elections....I really want to know the opinion of ya'll who are LDS. A friend of mine posted the following on Facebook:

"The way I have always understood it was that the world would have to become really bad and then a priesthood holder will become president to bring us out of the mess.... I have felt all along that its not bad enough for this to happen right now... Give it another 4 years! Heaven help us for sure! This truly is the last days." MSB

I remember vaguely hearing something like this before during an election while I was in high school, but that was a REAL long time ago. I really am interested in hearing your thoughts though as this has always been a fascinating (and slightly unsettling) subject that I'm trying to understand more fully. So please share? Do you think that's a fairly accurate statement? Or maybe not?


  1. I have never heard the part about a priesthood holder becoming President. But I do think things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. The best thing now is for everything to just collapse and start anew. "The future is as bright as your faith" - Pres. Monson

    1. I agree with that as well and I love that qoute, I've seen it floating around quite a bit. Very inspiring!

  2. I'd just like to point out that the electoral college matters when it comes to smaller towns and rural areas. Think about it, if the election was based solely on popular vote, candidates would only focus on issues in big cities, where they could potentially get the maximum number of votes. Issues like agriculture and areas with fewer voters would get completely ignored. The electoral college represents all the voters in each state, not just the voters in big cities or the wealthiest or the most powerful. Also, I'm LDS and I'm pretty sure Obama winning is not the end of days. It really doesn't matter who won that election, it's Congress you have to worry about. Congress has the power to make or break this nation.

    1. Thanks Anon...you make good points all around and give me some food for thought. Much appreciated! :)